This past Friday was our first Homeschool Social. It was a time for other homeschool moms and kids in Cascade to come together for fellowship and encouragement. For me, this was a precious time to watch my daughter as she and several other kiddos played Twister, decorated ornaments, played board games, and drew pictures.

The real highlight of our homeschool social was watching the documentary, Schoolhouse Rocked – the Homeschool Revolution. If you are homeschooling, have homeschooled, are considering homeschooling, or want to know what homeschooling is all about, this is a must-see! It was amazing to watch and hear from homeschool veterans and what they had to endure, opening the door for us homeschool families today. Seeing the family unity as parents work alongside their children in everyday settings creates a learning and teaching environment with every opportunity. And the most significant encouragement of all is to know that you can do this. There are so many resources, programs, and communities that will help every parent teach their child. No one knows your child better than you do, and teaching them at home allows them to thrive in ways they would never be able to in a classroom. And this documentary not only confirms this but shares testimony after testimony to that fact.

I’ll be honest. I never thought I would homeschool. I didn’t think I would have the patience or the smarts to teach my daughter. And you know what, I don’t! But through the grace of God, He gives me what I need each day to train and instruct my daughter in the ways of the Lord. He has provided me with a beautiful homeschool community through Classical Conversations to help me teach academics, a daughter willing to learn, and the tools I need to help her achieve. He gives me the ability to lead with kindness and gentleness and offers forgiveness on the days I mess up. Indeed, I didn’t think I’d ever homeschool, and from this film, I’m not alone in that thinking. And also like many others, I am so thankful that He has provided a way for me to homeschool today!

We plan to have regular homeschool socials in the future. Be sure to check our events calendar here or Like our Facebook page for upcoming events.